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Patented Torque Equipment

Beyond precision machining, welded fabrication, and assemblies, Advance manufactures – and has patented – over a dozen different hydraulic and computerized torque systems that integrate precision tooling and are vital to the assembly and disassembly of jet engines.

In fact, without one of our systems, most of the jet engines flying throughout the world today could not have been built.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches For fastening or unfastening threaded engines and more, producing accurate torque from 14,400 to 1,000,000 In-lbs.
Engineering Our highly trained Engineers and Programmers determine and develop exact specifications for precision results.
Computerized Torque Systems The ultimate turnkey solution to torque hidden compressor rotor bolts in aircraft engines.
Tab Bending Universal Tab Bending and Rivet Flaring machine designed for rotor blade assembly operations.
Rivet Flaring Orbital type riveting machine forms hollow type rivets for the aircraft industry.