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Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Hydraulic Torque

Our hydraulic torque wrenches produce an accurate torque ranging from 14,400 to 1,000,000 In-lbs., are used for fastening or unfastening threaded elements in aircraft engines, helicopters, submarines, public utilities, and the construction industry.

They fulfill any requirement dictated in the precision assembly or disassembly of threaded components with certified accuracy within 3% of the full range of the wrench. Wrenches are also equipped for easy visual checking of input torque values, allowing the user to be sure of the correct torque value on the fastener.

Safe and simple to use without labor-intensive, mechanical-type torque multipliers, our wrenches can reach full capacity by using only fingertip control.

Calibration Test Stand

Calibration Test Stand

Designed for the aircraft industry for engine rebuild or overhaul; featuring its own hydraulic power supply to facilitate wrench calibration.

To certify the accuracy of high-torquing wrenches, our field-ready calibration test stands have become the industry. Using a (force multiplied by distance) principle, the stand is fully equipped with a 10,000 psi and 27 CIM displacement, regulated, power supply.

Designed to enable operator confidence with detailed calibration instructions, the stands are customized for any torque range or required accuracy.

The calibration arm is of finest alloy steel casting mounted on ball bearings (to prevent fractional drag) with 24-inch moment arms; two compression-type load cells are supplied with each stand.

Constant Rotation

Constant Rotation

The Fastest, Most Accurate Torque Wrench in the Industry. Pound for pound, speed for speed, no other torque wrench can compare.

Integrating the quick features of mechanical “rundown” with the control and precision of hydraulically actuated torquing, our Constant Rotation torque wrench is, quite simply, the best in the business.

The operator can bottom large fasteners without the use of large input to output mechanical wrenches that typically have high ratios, costly reduction accessory units, and accompanying air drives.

An optional pneumatic drive can be quickly installed to allow the wrench to operate at 100 RPM and 60 ft. lbs. under no load with the use of only shop air.

2-Stage Hydraulic Pumps

2-Stage Hydraulic Pump

Complete and Safe Control Pover all Torquing Operations provide peace of mind with dependability.

Easy to operate, lightweight, and portable, these pumps allow rapid speed at low pressure and slow speed at high pressure. A flow control valve permits the operator to shut the motor down, then restart it with the applied torque held at any pressure up to 10,000 psi.

Available in two models; each can be supplied with a pneumatic drive source.